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VinHol Global Enterprises is a family of websites centered around Tolerating PAIN and Creating Online Financial Opportunities.  Sharing the information we discover and relaying experiences in dealing with chronic pain with others who are in similiar situations.  Exposing online money making opportunities that don't work while providing reliable online money making opportunities for stay at home dads and moms regardless of their being in chronic pain or not.  Many people like myself, are in some kind of pain and are looking for a place to vent their frustrations and relate to people going thru like trials and tribulations.  Having a network of people who can empathize with your life of pain can help return you to a more productive lifestyle and as you look to make that return to productivity, my website will link you to online jobs and online money making opportunities that stay at home moms and dads can utilize.

Many people in chronic pain have been disabled by their pain.  Chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, Neuropathy, Restless Leg Syndrome, Radiculopathy and Fibromyalgia are just some of the chronic pain disorders that afflict many of us.  When we do have moments of tolerance we look to be productive and involved in as normal a fashion as possible.  The possibility of online jobs and being able to make money online replaces the near impossibility of returning to jobs in traditional brick and mortar settings.  That's how VGE LLC came about and how I link tolerating Pains and making Gains.


     Lower back pain can have many causes, such as a pulled back muscle, disc problems, arthritis, or sacroiliac joint dysfunction. In cases where there has not been a definitive diagnosis, the next question that should be asked is: How long have you been suffering? Your pain will fall into one of two categories: acute (which indicates a recent occurrence) or chronic (the pain has been with you for an extended period of time).

     The two most common reasons for lower back pain are trauma and muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances can have a negative effect on your posture, leading to what are called "postural dysfunctions." These dysfunctions include abnormal alignment of the pelvis and abnormal curvature of the spine. This misalignment causes increased wear and tear on the joints, muscles, and ligaments—even the discs.

     Living with back pain causes not only means you're living in pain but it also alters the things you want to do to live your life.  Many things can lead to back pains.  Back pain causes may have many different roots but remedies for back pain causes are easy enough to find it's more a matter of finding remedies for back pain causes that can help you tolerate back pain causes and ease back pains quickly.  Returning to a less pain filled life brought on by back pain causes is the only outcome that can make living with pain tolerable.  You deserve to be able to live with pains at a level that hardly affect you at all.

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Chronic back pain is commonly described as deep, aching, dull or burning pain in one area of the back or traveling down the legs. Patients may experience numbness, tingling, burning, or a pins-and-needles type sensation in the legs. Regular daily activities may prove difficult or impossible for the chronic back pain patient. They may find it difficult or unbearable to work, for example, even when the job does not require manual labor. Chronic back pain tends to last a long time, and is not relieved by standard types of medical management. It may result from a previous injury long since healed, or it may have an ongoing cause, such as nerve damage or arthritis.
Acute back pain is commonly described as a very sharp pain or a dull ache, usually felt deep in the lowerpart of the back, and can be more severe in one area, such as the right side, left side, center, or the lower part of the back. Acute pain can be intermittent, but is usually constant, only ranging in severity.
Sometimes, acute back pain can be caused by injury or trauma to the back, but just as often has no known cause. Patients with acute back pain, even when it's severe, will typically improve or completely recover within six to eight weeks.

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How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: "I Wish I Knew How To Make Severe to Chronic Pain More Tolerable" or "I Wish I Knew How To Begin Looking Forward to Each Day Again?



SmileWhat a novel idea when dealing with chronic pain. When I was healthy I took listening to other opinions, thoughts and ideas for making money online for granted. I assumed I'd always be able to do whatever I needed to provide a living for my family. Never did I imagine that chronic pain would be controlling my every movement everyday. Does chronic pain live with you too? Managing chronic pain is not easy. It has taken me out of the workforce and left me with only the possibility of making money online. E-Commerce. Dot.Coms have had there day but now we are entering a new phase where creating online job opportunities for stay at home moms and dads is becoming the thing to do.

FrownI don't know how many people are living with chronic pain, I just know that I'm living with chronic pain. In a short period of time I become a believer of your body "telling" you what the weather was getting ready to do. I've learned that medical science has many "grey" areas that it's a crapshoot to treat. No surgery is certain but you usually don't hear that from a doctor until AFTER the surgery and things aren't going quite as everybody had hoped. Also, you really can take all the medications your body can safely handle and still be in pain. That's what puts you in the chronic pain category but not necessarily means you have chronic pain. It's not only chronic until doctors and your insurance companies, social security, claims adjusters, private investigators, medical survelliance teams, field observers and anybody else that is engaged to try to prove that you DON'T have chronic pain have run their tricks and traps and satisfied themselves that, yes, just maybe this person really is in pain. Then you have CHRONIC PAIN. Pain that won't go away. Pain that plans to be with you for the rest of your life or until medical science can discover a cure for your case or similiar cases that you might benefit from. Burning, stabbing, pinching, nagging, aching, relentless pain. In your back, neck, arms, head, shoulders, legs, feet or whatever part of your body that's involved the pain takes up residence and begins to try to unravel your life as it once existed. What is your journey in the world of CHRONIC PAIN? I'm going to talk about the relationship CHRONIC PAIN has with me and how I'm trying to level the playing field against chronic pain. Feel free to leave your comments about how you're leveling the field against chronic pain or how you're still getting your a** kicked by it. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, makes us better off to sing the blues.

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